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Music Class

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Outdoor Living

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Beach Crafts

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Camp Program Areas

*Programs are subject to change based on staff availability and weekly offerings

Activity Board: The activity board will be listed every day with fun, innovative classes for our campers to try! This time is a great opportunity for campers to try new things, or do more of their favorite camp activities!

Archery: Our Archery program is part of the NYS Shooting Sports certified program. We have several targets in our full archery range, including stand-up bullseye targets, hanging dice, and stand-up animal figures. Campers will learn proper shooting techniques and safety from a certified instructor. We also play archery games and exercises to improve our skills, such as Tic-tac-toe, V-Shot, and Shoot your Fears. Each camper will have an opportunity to participate in the competition at the end of each week for the chance to earn bragging rights and goodies.

Central Camp: Central camp is a time where campers can participate in lawn games, gaga, rec field games and much more! This is great bonding time for campers and their cabinmates.

Farm/ Farm-to-Table: We have a fully functioning farm on property! Learn what it takes to raise livestock and grow a wide variety of crops! We also have our farm-to-table program which connects what our campers learn on the farm directly to our kitchen! Make creative dishes with our farm fresh fruits and vegetables!

High & Low Ropes Team Adventure: Our ropes course offers several of low-to-the-ground adventure elements along with 10 high-rope elements, a 3-face rock wall, and a 50-meter zipline. These elements highlight the need for teamwork and creative planning to problem-solve and overcome challenges. Prior to entering the elements course, groups begin the week participating in activities that develop campers’ trust and communication skills. Challenges progressively become harder as the group moves forward!

Nature and Ecology: the nature center! Our knowledgeable staff will guide campers through the natural world of plants, animals, and hidden treasures around camp. Terrariums and aquariums located at the Nature Center are used in observing wild life until the animals are released back into their natural habitat. Classes are brought on adventurous hikes through the property to discover some of the local wonders that live right in our own backyard! Cornell University also has one of the most expansive ornithology programs in the world.

Outdoor Living: Learn how to build fires and make shelters in our outdoor living program area! You can learn how to cook meals over fires and learn various survival skills. Put your survival skills to the test in our 140-acre woodland setting!

Performing Arts: In this program area you can learn everything from playing an instrument, to being in drama skits and even fun improvisation games! Our knowledgeable staff will help you become a master of the arts with teamwork as the value at the center.

Sports and Recreation: Soccer, Beach volleyball, Baseball, basketball, tennis and much more! Our Rec field has a lot to offer.

Swimming and Beach: Waterfront programing takes place on our beach on the Long Island Sound. We offer beach exploration, swimming, even beach crafts! The beach is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

Unit Games: These games will be lead by community leaders within the respective boys & girls units. These activities will vary from day to day and be optional for participants. Campers can choose to participate or relax with other campers in the unit and bond!

Visual Arts: We offer a wide variety of arts and crafts related classes! We offer ceramics, traditional painting/drawing, nature crafts, basket weaving, bead crafts and much more!

Evening Programs

Offered Monday – Friday

These activities are for overnight campers and programs run from 7pm- on after a fun day in the sun!

Cabin Nights: Your counselors will discuss with your cabin what activities campers would like to do for cabin night. Together, campers and counselors plan a fun evening! Activities can range from s’mores, campouts, spa nights, and much more!

Counsel Fire: To end our week we close with our traditional campfire tradition. We get together to sing songs and share what we have learned over the week. It’s a relaxing night accompanied by plenty of music and a big fire.

Monday Night Madness: High energy activities focused on cabin/all camp bonding! Make your first night at camp memorable with new activities each week! We end each Monday with a welcome bonfire to welcome in our new week of campers!

Unit Night: Get together with your unit and explore some amazing pre-planned activities for you all to enjoy. Such as scavenger hunts, escape rooms and much more!

Other activities you may see over the summer are talent shows, the price is right, jeopardy, color war, July 4 th celebration, “fashion” show, and much more exciting programming! Check out our theme calendar to see which specialty activities will be offered each week. 


Last updated May 15, 2024