woods, Yates County

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 Freshwater flooding from Hurricane Irene (2011) in Highland, Ulster County, New York. The former Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge (now Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park) is seen in the background, obscured by fog and overcast skies immediately following the storm.
Image by Julian Colton

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Image by Marie Camenares, CCE Suffolk County

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Energy and Environment

Our staff works to engage with the community to solve and respond to key environmental challenges, reduce and make more equitable our collective use of the Earth's resources, and inspire respect for natural systems and our reliance on them.


Winter Weather Safety

Find tips on winter driving, personal and pet safety, how to prepare for winter storms, links to Cornell's EDEN website, and more, here on our Emergency Preparedness pages.

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Asbestos sheets


Asbestos is a common yet toxic material. Learn how to identify it and protect your home.

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young boy drinking water from a glass. Used with permission of the father, Bill Foster.

Water Quality

Find consumer information about drinking water, home water treatment, wells, septic systems, bottled water, and other water quality issues here.

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Deer Tick on leaf

Avoid Lyme Disease

Find resources on how to identify deer ticks, how to remove an attached tick, effective insect repellants, and more, here on our website.

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Blueberries growing at Hillview Farms in Meyersville, a hamlet of Millington, New Jersey, in July.


Blueberries can be an excellent addition to your home garden! Learn about cultivar selection, site requirements, soil preparation, cultivation, fertilization, pest management, and everything else needed to grow these plants successfully.

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black knot / Apiosporina morbosa, fruiting bodies and gall on cherry

Black Knot

Black knot is an important disease of many species and varieties of plum and occasionally cherries.

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Last updated May 24, 2016