Health lodge

Health Lodge at DPF 4-H Camp

Medical Information


Physical Examination and Health History forms must be completed signed by a physician and returned by June 1, 2021. Forms must be submitted to the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Nassau County Office in East Meadow, Eisenhower Park, Special Activities Center, Parking Field 8, PO Box 148, East Meadow, NY 11554. Fax #(516) 832-2597, or email to 

The physical exam must be within 1 year of the camp session and must be filled out and signed by a licensed physician. Campers are not allowed to remain at camp without a completed physical examination form.


The camp takes every precaution to provide a safe and healthy environment for campers. Our camp nurses live at camp during the camping season and manage our Health Lodge, which is available 24-7.


The camp nurse, as required by the NYS Department of Health, must review all medical records. Campers with medication or change to their health must see the nurse upon check-in. The camp director must be notified in advance of any health issues regarding a child’s special needs that may require modifications during camp such as: hearing impairments, language barriers, home life, divorce, learning disabilities, recent change in medications, etc. If a child comes to camp with a pre-existing illness or injury, he or she may be sent home or treated by the camp physician at the parent’s expense. No refund will be issued for missed time due to injury or illness.


In the event of minor illness or injury at camp, the camp nurse will treat the camper. If necessary, the camper may be examined by a local pediatrician. In some cases, campers, may have to remain overnight in the infirmary of our Health Lodge. Parents will be notified only when an injury or illness is serious or outside treatment is required. All fees are the parent’s responsibility. A copy of the front and back of your insurance card is required by the pediatrician. * Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any campers showing any flu-like or covid-like symptoms will be required to go home.  We ask that parents make sure that either a parent or guardian or emergency contact is available within 1 hour of camp.


In the event of serious injury requiring emergency treatment or hospitalization, campers will be taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center and every effort will be made to contact the parent immediately. A camper who becomes ill or is injured and cannot resume regular camp activities may be sent home at the discretion of the Camp Director. There will be no refunds. 


If it is necessary for your child to receive any medication while at camp, please adhere to the following guidelines:

The physician must give permission to the camp nurse to administer medications by signing the appropriate section of the Physician’s Form or provide a standing order.

The parent or family physician must provide clear instructions about the use of prescription medications on the Physical Examination Form.

All prescription/non-prescription medications must be packed separately and given immediately to the bus chaperone or the camp nurse.

All prescription/non-prescription medications must be in their original containers and labeled correctly. Medications will not be dispensed with expired expiration dates and can only be dispensed by the camp nurse and/or witnessed by the camp health staff.

Campers are permitted to carry their own inhalers and Epi-pens as long as they are noted on the camper health form and contain a pharmacy label with their name on it.  * For Summer 2021 no over the counter medications will be administered at camp. 

Last updated January 5, 2022