flowers in a water lily pond
Image by Sandy Repp

Water Lilies

Water Gardens

More and more, water features are being incorporated into the home landscape. We've compiled a list of links that will be helpful in planning and building your water garden.

Clemson Cooperative Extension - Webpage covers algae problems in water gardens.

Colorado State Cooperative Extension - Denver County Master Gardener website covers building a water garden, small container water gardens, adding a pond to your garden, choosing plants, dealing with snakes in the garden, caring for a spring pond, and addressing water garden problems.

University of Florida Extension website offers information on hydroponic greenhouses, building bog gardens and floating hydroponic gardens, discusses aeration, aquascaping and the introduction of fish for mosquito control, and links to other useful publications and resources.

University of Illinois Extension website describes water gardening, how to choose and plant aquatic plants, creating water gardens in containers, and dealing with algae problems.

Iowa State University Extension -This 2-page PDF discusses plant selection, floating and submerged plants, shallow margin and deep water plants, methods of planting and fertilizing, and additional sources of information.

North Carolina State University Department of Horticultural Science includes listings of 144 water garden plants with their scientific names and photographs.

Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service- this 4-page PDF takes a "low management" approach to water gardening, and includes considerations for designing your garden to make it easy care.

Penn State Extension - discusses water garden plants with an emphasis on pond maintenance to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension - useful bibliography of publications on water gardens.

University of Vermont Extension - Department of Plant and Soil Science - tips on creating and maintaining a successful water garden.

Virginia Cooperative Extension- how to winterize your water garden; hardy and tender aquatic plants.

Last updated February 21, 2023