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NY Fresh Rx Produce Prescription Program

NY Fresh Rx Produce Prescription Program

What is NY Fresh Rx?

NY Fresh Rx is a produce prescription program designed to help participants improve their overall health and well-being through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. We will provide FREE boxes of fruits and vegetables to participants. What's more, all of the produce is grown locally, right here on Long Island, NY, which helps support our local food system.

In addition to produce, NY Fresh Rx provides support services to help participants make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their health. Programs include nutrition education, chronic disease prevention and self-management workshops, culinary medicine and cooking classes, recipes, newsletters, and individual nutrition counseling services.

Can I Participate?

In order to participate, individuals must be a patient at Harmony Healthcare Long Island. Additionally, the following eligibility criteria must be met: (1) low income and experiencing food insecurity; (2) chronic disease diagnosis; (3) ability and interest in receiving and using fresh produce; (4) willingness to complete all intake, screening, and evaluation paperwork.

Want to Enroll?

Click here to complete a screening questionnaire and see if you qualify to participate in NY Fresh Rx's free produce prescription program. For more information visit our website at www.nyfreshrx.org

Last updated April 23, 2024