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Clean and oil all tools before putting them away!


Drain and store hoses, but keep one accessible to water evergreens and new transplants.

Wrap twine lightly around upright junipers and arborvitaes to prevent snow and ice from splitting branches.

Check gutters to make sure they are not clogged with fall leaves.

Scrape buff-colored gypsy moth egg masses off tree trunks, fences, stones, logs, etc. and destroy.

Clean and oil all tools before putting them away.

Pot up crocus and hyacinths for late winter forcing in the house.

Watch out for rodents looking for warmer nesting sites. Make sure doors and windows fit snugly. Block any foundation cracks.

Look for pine cones to save for holiday decorating.

It is garden cleanup time. Get ahead of the insects and diseases NOW. Do a thorough garden cleanup. Do not compost infected plant debris.

If you haven't done so already, have a soil pH test performed for your lawns, landscape beds and vegetable gardens now. Lime takes 3–6 months to work, so if you have to adjust your pH for the spring, now is your chance.

Clean and soak empty flowerpots in 10% bleach solution, rinse well, dry and store for spring.

Finish planting spring flowering bulbs. Dig up and store your summer bulbs inside for the winter.

Keep firewood outside until ready for use to avoid bringing unwanted "guests" into your home. Make sure firewood has been properly seasoned.

Dig a planting hole now if you are planning to buy a live Christmas tree. Fill it with straw or mulch until time to plant the tree at the end of December. For more information, see our fact sheet on this topic.

Give some winter protection to newly planted evergreens; first by mulching and watering, then by using burlap windscreens. For more information, see our fact sheet on this topic.

Wash garden gloves.

Move house plants away from radiators. For more information on common houseplant troubles, see our fact sheet on this topic. For more information on the common house plant troubles chart, see our chart on this topic.

Store pesticides where they will not freeze.

Give evergreens and new plantings a final watering before the ground freezes. Drain and store hoses.

Last updated November 7, 2016