container gardening
Orange Calendula
Image by Colleen Cavagna

Home Horticulture

Automatic In-ground Sprinkler Systems
Beneficial Insects
Choosing a Landscape Gardener
The Big Heap - Facts About Compost
Compost for the Home Garden 
Container Gardening
Container Grown Plants
Disease Resistant Ornamental Trees
Dwarf Shrubs & Low Growing Plants 
Family Guide for Pesticide Use
Fertilization and Care of Long Island Lawns 
Fertilization of Trees & Shrubs 
Forty Better Ground Covers 
Girdling Roots
Horticultural Oils as Insecticides 
How to Become a Certified Pesticide Applicator
How to Water Trees
Insecticidal Soap 
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Invasive Plants
Irrigation Bill of Rights 
Landscaping at the Seashore
Landscaping Woodland Areas
A Look at Watering Practices 
Native Plants 
Ornamentals With Drought Tolerant Attributes 
Pachysandra Leaf Blight 
Plants for Acid Soils
Poison Ivy and Poison Oak 
Pruning Trees & Shrubs 
Recommended Trees & Shrubs for Long Island Sites
Rose Culture & Pruning
Rose Problems 
Safety with Electric Garden Tools
Selection & Care of Christmas Trees
Shrubs for Moist to Wet Soils
Shrub Pruning
Soil Acidity Needs of Plants
Soil Compaction
Steep Slopes – No Problem 
Suggested Practices for Planting Trees & Shrubs 
Weeds in Landscape Plantings 
Winter Injury
Winterizing Your Garden 
Woody Plants for Shady Places 
Xeriscape Landscaping

Last updated July 12, 2021