Japanese Stiltgrass leaves

Japanese Stiltgrass infestation

Japanese Stiltgrass

Japanese Stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum ) was probably introduced to the U.S. as packing material in crates from China.  It can grow in a variety of habitats where it forms dense stands and crowds out native species ( from USDA Plant Profiles)


USDA Plant Profiles includes background information, maps of U.S. distribution, video footage, and links to selected federal, state and regional resources.

The NY Invasive Species Clearing House (CCE Invasive Species Program) provides information on biology and identification, impacts, prevention and control, additional resources and links to educational materials.

Invasives.org posts a fact sheet from Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Workgroup that includes general background information on Japanese Barberry; chemical, mechanical and manual methods to remove it; and suggests other non-invasive plants to use in its place in your landscape.

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England describes the history of introduction in New England, habitats where found, similar species, management options and additional resources

Last updated December 13, 2023