Camp Farm DPF 4-H Camp
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Farm at DPF 4-H Camp

Image by DPF 4-H Camp

Chickens at DPF 4-H Camp

Girl with goat
Image by DPF 4-H Camp

What's At Our Farm

Our Farm includes 2 functioning barns, several agricultural fields, animal stalls, and a chicken coop. We are growing in more ways than one this season! The DPF 4-H Farm provides traditional animal and gardening experiences for all, including caring for and learning to handle chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats – and more - while also exploring the many roles animals play in sustainable agriculture.

We are expanding our horizons and going organic this season, collaborating with various local institutions to design a more sustainable farm space.

How do you graze animals to cut down on mowing? Do guinea hens really eat ticks? Will free ranging a chicken flock in your orchard really reduce the need for pesticide? What’s the safest way to pick up a rabbit? These questions and more can be answered here at the farm.

Last updated December 6, 2018