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Time Sheet

The quarterly Master Gardener time sheet for recording time spent on qualified activities can now be downloaded from this site. It can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file or as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

The Excel time sheet can be filled out directly in Excel. You can then e-mail the file to EMF Staff at the appropriate time. All columns in the Excel file are self totaling but it is advisable to double check the addition just to be on the safe side. You can also print out the time sheet either directly from the web site or from EXCEL and mail or hand deliver it to East Meadow Farm. (Of course you must have a spreadsheet program installed on your computer that can read Excel files.)

The Adobe PDF file must be printed out, manually completed and then mailed or hand delivered to EMF.

Once you have accessed the time sheet on this web site in either format you can save the file to your computer by clicking "File" on the toolbar along the top of the screen, then clicking "Save As". Navigate to, or type in, the folder path on your computer that you want to save the file to and then click on "Save".

Let us know if you have any problems either downloading the file(s) or filling them out.

Click here to access the Master Gardener Time Sheet in Microsoft EXCEL format

Click here to access the Master Gardener Time Sheet in Adobe PDF format

Last updated April 17, 2024