Adult northern house mosquito
Culex pipiens Linnaeus, 1758
Image by Ary Farajollahi

You can help reduce the Nassau County mosquito population!

West Nile Virus

You Can Help Reduce the Nassau County Mosquito Population

In just 3-4 days, mosquitoes can begin breeding in standing water. Here are some simple things that each homeowner can do to reduce the mosquito population.

  • Each week from April to October walk around your yard and remove all standing water from:
    • gutters
    • flower pots
    • children's toys any item that can trap water
    • decorative garden ornaments & furniture
  • Check recycling and trash cans, tire swings (drill holes in tops and bottoms so water can drain)
  • Flush birdbaths at least once a week
  • Remove any debris that can collect water (candy wrappers, cans, folded paper or plastic)
  • Pool owners: drain pool covers

The following links will give you more information on the West Nile Virus:

Last updated February 2, 2022