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At Home Activities

At Home Activities

Welcome to our virtual classroom for Nassau County 4-H! We will be sharing lessons and activities for you to do at home with friends or family members. We will be posting new activities each week, so please check in often!.



Climate-Smart Agriculture - Take a moment to think about the food on our plates and the clothes on our bodies – where did these items come from?

Farm Fields to Plastic

Farming for Pizza

Got Guts?

High Tech Farming

June is Dairy Month

Poultry Facts

BOARD GAME PROJECT - See our step-by-step guide to creating your own board game!
Materials Needed:  Construction paper, markers or crayons, clear tape and optional items for game pieces.

Click here to begin!


COMPUTER ANIMATION AND BASIC CODING - Learn starter, coding skills and how to use them in hobbies such as: animation, video game creation and marketing.  See where your hobbies can take you.

Coding Terminology
Bear Animation in Scratch

Coding Animation: How to Video

EARTH DAY -  Let's celebrate Earth Day with some fun activities!

Anatomy of  a Tree

DIY Recycled Paper

Earth Day Microgreens

Five Senses Earth Day Walk

Oil Spill Clean-Up

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


GARDEN LEARNING - What do we see outside in Spring?

Bee Hotel

Flower Collage

Herbs in a Pot

Peas, Please

Salad Boxes

Spring in the Kitchen



Coral Bleaching

Feed the Birds

Horses in History

Insect Puddles

Tree Growth


SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS AT HOME - Check out this at home activities. Always get parents permission first!

At Home Barometer

Baking Soda Volcano

Bioluminescent Flowers

DIY Lava Lamp


Edible Sedimentary Rock

Rock Candy Experiment

Tornado in a Bottle


Last updated July 8, 2020