Hands-on food preparation in a nutrition education workshop.

Hands-on food preparation in a nutrition education workshop.

Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Cooperative Extension offers free nutrition workshops for families and youth who have limited incomes and who live in Nassau County. These free workshops are held at different places throughout Nassau County. 

Each class participant receives a free computer food intake analysis, which helps your nutrition educator to customize the class sessions to meet your specific needs. Classes are taught in English and Spanish to groups at various community sites. Our Nutrition Educators continually strive to help you to recognize the value of good food and nutrition and make food safety habit forming!

What will I learn?

In our cooking and nutrition workshops, you will learn about:

  • Feeding your family healthy meals
  • Cooking low cost meals
  • Smart food shopping
  • Food safety
  • How to read and understand a food label
  • Food resources or services in our community that can help your family to get enough healthy and nutritious food

How much do the workshops cost?

Workshops are free, but only people with limited resources who meet income-eligiblity guidelines can enroll. Call today and speak with a nutrition educator to see if you can take these free classes.

How long are the workshops, and when are they offered?

Workshops are usually 1-2 hours long, and meet 7 to 8 times. We ask you to plan to attend at least 6 of the classes so that you will learn as much as possible, and can receive a "certificate of completion". Please call one of our nutrition educators to find out if you are eligible for our free classes, and to find a time and location that is convenient for you.

Groups, families and individuals looking for information on stretching food dollars, cooking low cost nutritious meals, food safety, reading food labels, and general nutrition guidelines for better health can call us at the number listed below.


Jennifer Colletti
Nutrition Program Supervisor
516-433-7970 ext 22

Last updated June 17, 2016