Lawn Care


Lawn Care for the Home Environment

  • Thursday, May 14, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: West Hempstead Public Library
500 Hempstead Ave
West Hempstead, NY

Description: This presentation is a shorter version of the in-depth LAWN CARE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT presentation and is designed for the homeowner.

LAWN CARE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT (Advanced PowerPoint Lecture)  This in-depth lecture will give you all the information you need to show off your lawn to your neighbors. Proper mowing, watering and fertilization, disease, insect and weed control, thatch and core aeration are just some of the topics discussed. The leaching potential of fertilizers and pesticides into Long Island ground water is high and will be an important focus. We will explain pesticides and who is allowed to use them as well as lawn care without pesticides. This is also a chance for the homeowner to become more informed so that they can have meaningful discussions with their landscaper.

To register: Call West Hempstead Public Library at 516-481-6591


Mary Callanan
EMF Garden/Farm Coordinator
516-565-5265 Ext. 18

Last updated February 27, 2020