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Ropes course
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Ropes Course

Flint Day Camp Activities

Please note: Activities subject to change based on availability of staff.

Archery - We have a number of targets including stand up bull’s-eye targets, hanging dice, and stand up animal figures in our full archery range. Campers will utilize the week learning proper shooting techniques and safety from a certified instructor to improve their skills. Each camper will have an opportunity to participate in the weekly competition to earn a grand prize award at the end of the week.

Arts & Crafts - A classic favorite in camping history, our program offers a number of projects to campers eager to get in touch with their creative side. Our talented staff lead classes such as fine arts, puppetry, jewelry making, leather crafts, felt pillow and stuffed animals, comic books, tye dye, string art, knitting, camp beautification, do it yourself fashion and much, much more. Campers will make several projects throughout the week and then will be able to take them home to show off their skill!

Cooking - Who doesn’t love delicious home-made food? Campers have fun making great-tasting and healthy foods using vegetables from our organic farm. Find out important kitchen skills such as how to use a knife safely and the difference between dry and liquid measuring. We utilize materials from Cornell University’s “Choose Health” curriculum and feature great recipes as well as basic cooking techniques.

Dance - Just can’t stop grooving? Our dance program offers campers the opportunity to create and learn different dance routines to a song of their choice. After utilizing the week to practice, they will have the chance to perform the routine for the camp at the end of the session! This class additionally incorporates a number of fun activities, such as freeze dance, dance offs, and even flash mobs!

Drama - Curtin call for campers excited for a week filled with theater arts! Campers will spend time getting the creative juices flowing through interactive improvisational games. They will have the opportunity to plan a brief skit from start to finish and express themselves through their characters. Campers will have the chance to show off their talents in a performance of the skit for the camp at the end of the week!

Environmental Science and Nature - Our knowledgeable staff will guide campers through the natural world of plants, animals, and hidden treasures around camp. Terrariums and aquariums are used in observing wild life until the animals are released back into their natural habitat. Classes are brought on adventurous hikes through the property to discover some of the indigenous wonders that live right in our own backyard!

Farm and Horticulture - Campers that sign up for this class have the chance to experience the beauty of our 40 acre farm! They will have hands on farm experience working with the Cornell University Research Lab, learning how to grow vegetables and flows, and caring for our farm animals. Campers will have the opportunity to directly encounter our farm animals by feeding them, grooming them, and assisting to maintain their living quarters. We often have a wide variety of animals each summer; past animals include pigs, goats, cows, guinea hens, chickens, roosters, rabbits, ducks, sheep, and even a llama!

Farm to Table - In addition to the cooking program, vegetables handpicked from our on-site garden often come directly into the main kitchen! Seeds are planted and maintained during the year to produce delicious, chemical free crops that can be incorporated into almost every meal. Vegetables are also available at the end of each encampment for families to take home with them. Look for our tables near the canteen with each week’s new batch!

I Hear Music - Whether you bring your own instruments or use ours, campers will learn the fundamentals of instruments, vocals, and music theory while engaged in this program. Campers will have the opportunity to choose a song as a group to learn through the course of the week. They will then be able to perform the song for the camp and show case their talents at the end of each session!

Kayaking - Kayaking adventure trips run every day no matter the weather. Each session will include a land lesson, warm up, games, and paddling practice on the beautiful Long Island Sound. Campers must pass the swimming proficiency test at the beginning of the week and receive a “blue” level to qualify for kayaking.

Low Ropes: Team Adventure - We possess a number of low-to-the-ground adventure elements on our ropes course. These elements highlight the need for team work and creative planning to problem solve and overcome challenges placed before you. Groups will spend time off the course in the beginning of the week to participate in activities that allow for campers to develop trust and communication skills before entering the element course. Challenges progressively become harder as the group moves forward!

Magic - Abra-kadabra and voila! A fun and entertaining program that has built up a lot of popularity within our camping community. Campers will learn the fundamentals of common magic tricks to use with family and friends. Our mystical staff members teach a number of different tricks throughout the week, including card tricks, sleight of hand, and even making objects disappear! Campers will have ample time to practice to ensure mastery over each one!

Outdoor Adventure - Surrounded by the beautiful nature on our property, this program highlights techniques used in back country and survival camping. Campers will learn how to build a shelter, tie popular knots, light a controlled campfire, learn how to build a fire without matches, and use a map and compass to navigate. This class has an optional sleep out at the end of the week, weather permitting. New to camp: Zombie Survival! As an extension of our outdoor adventure program, campers will learn the fundamentals surrounding a hypothetical zombie take over. Campers will spend the week equipping themselves with survival tactics such as nerf shooting attack techniques, surviving as a group, medical techniques, as well as development of a base camp. The group is then brought on an overnight camp out where their knowledge is put to the test. Will you survive?

Outdoor Cooking - Campers learn how to build a campfire and use it to make more than just s’mores! Campers will learn various fire building and tending techniques to cook on and are challenged to use just one match to start them! Staff members prepare ingredients for daily snacks that can include fruit pies, grilled cheese, banana boats and much more! Campers will be able to cook their own snack over the fire and enjoy them before learning how to properly put out a fire.

Sports and Recreation - Our active staff members are proficient in a number of sports including soccer, baseball/softball, rugby, tennis, lacrosse, kick ball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Zumba and aerobics, yoga, and much more. Staff additionally plan special classes, such as sand sports and Olympics, which can be offered on select weeks. Campers are permitted to bring their own sporting equipment to engage in our sports program, but are entrusted to be responsible for their belongings.

Swimming - Whether you’re eager to learn a new swimming stroke, work on your tan, or just have some fun in the sun, the beach front on the beautiful Long Island Sound is the place for you! Our Red Cross certified staff will instruct swimmers on the basic swim strokes and assist them with strokes they want help on. More experienced swimmers will have the opportunity to practice basic rescue techniques. Beach goers will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of water and land games, such as marco polo, noodle wars, beach volleyball, sand castle building, and beach nature crafts.

* Subject to change without notice. 

Last updated January 5, 2022