camp farm

Camp Farm at DPF 4-H Camp in Riverhead, NY.

Camp farm at DPF 4-H Camp in Riverhead, NY
Image by DPF 4-H Camp

Camp Farm at DPF 4-H Camp in Riverhead, NY.

Camp Farm

Our Farm at DPF 4-H Camp is located on the West Side of the 140 acre property. Dorothy P. Flint, a 4-H agent, established the 4-H camp in 1924 by setting up tents along Lake Panamoqua. Her program expanded, relocated to Wildwood State Park in 1928 and later - when the park ended public camping -found a permanent home here on Sound Avenue where 40 acres grew into 140, a girls and boys side of bunk houses and wash houses were built, and the farm established, nestled in the center of camp activities.

Dorothy P. Flint believed all children should have the opportunity to experience outdoor life. We aim to uphold that mission by maintaining our year-round farm facility in order to demonstrate best practices, distribute fresh/local/organic produce, and remain available for educational, family-friendly visits, 4-H events, and of course, summers filled with learning-by-doing with the hundreds of Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Sleep Away Campers who join us through June, July and August every year.

Last updated January 21, 2021