Weekly Themes 2018

Summer Theme Calendar of 2018!

This calendar has all of our themed days, and events mapped out.

  • Monday events are our Monday “dinner themes” where we have a fun interactive dinner based around them.
  • Wednesday themes are for “Whacky Wednesday” which is a whole day theme. Feel free to get creative with costumes/outfits!
  • Tuesday/Wednesday is either Cabin Night or Unit Night depending on the week’s schedule.
  • Saturday AM pickups are marked on the calendar

Dates at a glance:

  • Campchella Festival: Week 5 (July 25th)
    • Whacky Wednesday theme for this week is Hippie Day!
  • WrestleMania Event: Week 6 (July 1st)
    • Whacky Wednesday theme for this week is Twin Day!
  • Zombie Campouts are available weeks 1,3,5,7
  • Zombie themed week is Week 7 (July 6th- July 10th)
  • Talent Shows are Weeks 3 and 7
  • End of summer Camper banquet: August 16th
  • End of summer Candlelight Ceremony: August 17th

**Schedule is subject to change without notice**

Click here for a printable theme calendar.

Last updated May 25, 2018